GySgt. Di Reyes Ibanez

MIA 05 June 1967

Alpha Company 3rd Recon Battalion

05 Jun 1967





San Diego




On 04 June 1967 at 1645hrs Recon Teams 4A1 and 4A2 (Combined Patrol) were inserted by truck at XD 885399. The insertion point was on Rt. 9 approx. 2500 meters S.E. of Khe Sanh Combat Base. The team moved to XD 905399 and set in for the night. This location was a hill top on a razorback ridge that overlooked Rt. 9 from the north. The teams’ mission was to locate a suitable landing zone and an area for a infantry battalion sized command post. The terrain on this ridge line was covered by fifty-foot jungle canopy and elephant grass 5-8 feet tall.

At 0010hrs, during a heavy rain, several members of the team heard a sound like someone falling in the brush about thirty meters from their position. About five minutes later the patrol heard a short (one second) human groan. The team checked the area where the sound came from and Sgt. Ibanez was discovered missing.

At first light the area was searched again. A fighting hole which would hold three people was found fifty meters east of the patrols harborsite. It showed signs of recent use. An enemy harborsite was also located approx. 20 meters east of the fighting hole. It was large enough to hold 8-10 people and also showed signs of recent use. Sgt. Ibanez's gear including his rifle and grenade bag was found at the location of his position during the night. Drag marks were found and also located was a cracked dental plate, covered with the same blood as Ibanez AB negative at XD 903400 a distance of approx. 150 meters N.W.from the Marine Harborsite.  Ibanez was reported missing by radio at 0700 hrs.

An infantry patrol from A/1/26 also searched the area with negative results.

No trace of Ibanez has ever been found. He was listed as missing in action until March 1978 when the official loss record was changed to Killed In Action Body Not Recovered.

During the time Ibanez was listed as Missing In Action the U.S. Government promoted him from E-5 to E-7.

There can be no doubt that the PVAN soldiers captured Ibanez and to this day no accounting has ever been made through the joint US and Vietnamese discussions in these matters.  


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