LZ DC #2 commenced on Wednesday, June 8th at the Best Western Iwo Jima Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.   A total of 54 Alpha Recon Association members and family attended this year's reunion.  Most attendees stayed at the Iwo Jima Hotel; however, several stayed at a hotel in the Quantico area.  The Iwo Jima Hotel is very close to the Marine Corps Monument as well as Arlington National Cemetery.  A Metro Station (subway) is also close to the hotel and this allows for easy access

to a number of the national monuments in Washington, DC.


At 9:00 AM on Thursday, June 9th we carpooled to the Marine Corps Museum located in Quantico, Virginia, about 35 miles from the Iwo Jima Hotel.  It is easy to spend an entire day looking at all the exhibits at this Museum.  In addition to looking at all the exhibits at the Museum, we also visited the memorial garden located on the Museum grounds.  The 3rd Recon Battalion memorial plaque was recently installed in the memorial garden.  There were more than 40 other memorial plaques and monuments located on the Museum grounds.  Most of us returned to the Hotel around 3:00 PM and retired to the Hotel restaurant. On Friday morning we held the 2016 Business Meeting.  Ray Raymond called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM and the following transpired:


_      John Hlavac lead us in an Opening Prayer.


_       Jeff Savakoul read the minutes from the last Business Meeting held in New Orleans in November, 2014.  The minutes were approved as read.


_      Don Schwinn presented the Treasurer's report, Don advised we were in sound financial condition with over $8 thousand in the bank.  Don also advised that Alpha Recon had timely filed its latest tax return and its tax exempt status remains valid with the IRS.


_      Ray Raymond called for the election of Company Officers.  A motion from the floor to re-elect existing officers was approved and the existing officers were re-elected until the next reunion.


_      Ray Raymond next opened the floor to discuss the timing and place of the next Alpha Recon Association reunion.  Las Vegas and San Diego locations were proposed.  After discussion from the members, the next reunion was approved for San Diego and is to coincide with the Marine Corps Birthday in November, 2017.


_      George Neville informed the members of the fact that the Association’s web-site was "hacked" several months ago. The website was defaced and the next time he connected to the server, the computer reformatted itself. The hard drive wiped itself clean. So far he has recovered about 80% of the files. George informed us that he has had to work over 100 hours to restore the Association computer files.  George also advised that the Association computer web-site files are now on a protected server.  The members thanked George for all his work in restoring the Association computer files.   George also requested that all Association members advise him of all changes in both mailing and computer addresses as well as members suffering from illness and who have passed.


_      John Hlavac closed the meeting with a prayer for all our members as well as for those who are deceased.


_      At 1:00 PM, we all went for a luncheon at the "Top of the Town", a short walk from the Hotel.  The "Top of the Town" is located on the 12th floor of a building just east of the Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington and has an outstanding view of the Washington, DC. This buffet had an excellent selection of   luncheon items.


_      At 6:30 PM, we all boarded a large bus to attend the Evening Parade at the Marine Barracks at 8th and I.   The Evening Parade is very well attended and as is most Friday Evening Parades with approximately 1,500 visitors.   Advanced reservations are required for this event that is held each Friday evening during summer months (June to September).   Both the Marine Corps Band as well as the Silent Drill Team are the highlights of this event.  The Evening Parade started at 8:30 PM and lasted until almost 11:00 PM.



_      Our 2016 Reunion came to a close after the Evening Parade event with most members departing Washington, DC on Saturday morning. All expressed gratitude that they were able to attend and looked forward to attending future gatherings.