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This page contains links to partial scans of maps of notable locations throughout Northern I Corps

 Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

L7014 Series 1-50,000


In response to the many inquiries I have received regarding this gallery I would like to add that these scans are of general areas in Northern I Corps associated with the name vs. individual locations with a particular name. This page is a work in progress and more scans will be added in the future. 

The following links will take you to photographs of the two most recognizable landmarks in Northern I Corps near the DMZ. These photos are used with permission of Dave Althoff HMM 262. Dave took these from his aircraft.  Rockpile & Razorback. On top you will see the small landing platform built to allow one wheel to touch down (CH34) or drop the rear ramp (CH 46) and off-load supplies or replacement teams to man the radio relay and observation post. Khe Sanh - during the siege of 1968. If you look closely you will see NVA arty impacting the base.

Map Scans

·      Ashau SF Camp and Area

·       Ca Lu - Valentines Ridge

·      Cam Lo/Camp Carroll    

·      Cua Viet  

·      Con Thien

·      Co Roc - Laos Border Region   

·      DMZ Laos Border Region

·      Lao Bao Border Region

·      Dong Ha & Rt #1 S.E.   

·      Dong Ha Airfield Drawing "1969"

·      Hawk-Breaker Patrol Zone

·      Helicopter Valley

·      Hill 492 XD 9249

·      Hue Phu Bai Military Area

·      Hue - Citadel

·       Khe Sanh      861, 881 N & S, 471, 950, 1015

·      Quang Tri

·      Rockpile/Mutters Ridge/Dong Ha Mountain/ Rt 9 

I have been asked how do I obtain maps like this now? These maps are currently available for sale through the US Geological Survey. The problem with ordering maps is the identity of the particular map you need. There are over 500 maps in the Vietnam Map Series L7014.  At the present time there is not a comprehensive index of places names and their corresponding map ID. In the near future a publication will be available commercially authored by Vietnam Historian Michael Kelley. (This book is now in print - see below) 

If you would like to order a map from USGS and do not know the name-series number, send me an email with the place name (Within Quang Tri and Thua Thien Province's Only) and I will try and identify the map for you.

Map Purchase - Call Toll Free 1- 888- Ask USGS. Follow the telephone prompts and advise you would like to purchase the Vietnam Series L7014, 1-50,000 Maps. You will need to identify the particular map by name/series number. The maps sell for $7.00 each with a small shipping charge per order.  See below information for help on Map Identity


The entire Vietnam 1-50,000 L7014 Series of Maps are now available for download at The Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University. Go to The Virtual Archive at. You will need map name or number to locate the file on their search page. Be sure to click “Maps” prior to the search. These files are presented in JPEG or PDF files. 

Texas Tech University, The Viet-Nam Center -Maps


Northern I Corps Gazetteer

Below is a hand drawn gazetteer and map listing showing the maps in Quang Tri Province with map name and ordering number for the USGS

A close up of a map

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Name/Map Order Number

1. Nguon Rao TL7014-6342-4  Laos Border Area, upper NW corner of Province, DMZ

2. Cam Lo   TL7014-6342-1  Rockpile , Cam Lo, Mutters Ridge, Helicopter Valley, DMZ

3. Quang Tri  TL7014-6442-4  Dong Ha, Con Thien, Gio Linh, Cua Viet, DMZ

4. Thon Ngo Xa Dong  TL7014-6442-1 Coastal Area

5. Huong Hoa  TL7014-6342-3  Laos, Co Roc, Khe Sanh, Lang Vei

6. Thon Doc Kinh  TL7014-6342-2 Laos, RT 9 East of Khe Sanh, Ca Lu, Vandergrift Combat Base

7. Ba Long  TL7014-6442-3 Ba Long , Quang Tri

8. Hai Lang (Thon Dien Sanh) TL7041-6442-2     Highway 1, Coastal Area

9. Phu Vang TL7014-6542-3     Rt 1 Coastal Area N. of Hue

10. A Loui TL7014-6441-4   Dewey Canyon area.

11.Ap Lai Bang TL7014-6441-1   A Shau  Out of Print-USGS

12. Hue TL7014-6541-4    Hue Citadel, Phu Bai Military Area

13. Q Phu Loc TL7014-6541-1    Area NW of Hai Van Pass , Coastal Area & East of Hue


·      1-250,000 Map of Eastern Quang Tri Province - link to Jim Henthorn's very nice collection of 1- 250,000 map scans

·      Map Reading 101 - A refresher course on basic map reading by Mike Kelley

·      PAVN Map of Northern I Corps  504kb file - This is a scan of a PAVN hand drawn map showing their positions across the northern portion of Quang Tri Province just prior to the Siege Of Khe Sanh and the Tet Offensive 1968. Map researched from DOD files. Dated 28 Dec 1967

·      Enemy Situation Map - Early 1964 - shows infiltration routes from that time period and enemy base camp areas. Note route directly through the DMZ. This route was used beginning in 1959.  

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I would like to call your attention to this new book that has recently been distributed to all major book outlets. The author Michael Kelley is a good friend and over the years we have assisted each other in the Vietnam historical arena. I recommend this book highly not because I am a contributor but it is a mammoth compilation of information/grid cords on named locations, LZ's, and Firebases. It essentially is an encyclopedia on our war. The book is approx 850 pages.  I can assure you it represents the most complete research project possible.  This book belongs in every library/archive/ researchers & Vietnam Veterans home collections.

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