Myrtle Beach Reunion


After Action Report


By: Tom Vennemeyer, Vice President


19 October 2019



The 3rd Recon Battalion Reunion began on Tuesday, September 24th at the Crown Reef Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The Crown Reef Beach Resort is right on the beach and is one of the largest hotels in the area.  


The reunion began with registration in the hotel conference center, directly across the street from the hotel.  The conference center is quite large and would be the site for the Battalion and Company Business meetings, the Battalion Memorial Service and the Battalion Banquet. 35 members of Alpha Company attended this reunion along with approximately 22 spouses-relatives. Bob Hoover, Battalion President, mentioned that 320 members and spouses / relatives attended the Battalion Banquet on Saturday evening.


The only scheduled event for Tuesday was the registration and gatherings in the hotel Hospitality Room (Tun Tavern).  There were many visitors to the Hospitality Room as drinks were provided by the Battalion (a local beer distributor donated 32 cases of beer for our reunion). Tun Tavern also held the PX merchandise.


On Wednesday, the Battalion held its opening ceremonies in the Conference Center, starting at 1000.  Bob Hoover called the meeting to order and Steve Lowery acted as the moderator.  The Battalion Chaplain said a prayer and then read the list of the names of thirty of our members who died since the last reunion in San Antonio in September 2018.  Each of the other officers then gave their reports.  The Treasurer reported that the Battalion has more than $68,000 in the bank.  The Sergeant-At-Arms

reported on the scholarship awards, made in the honors of our four Medal of Honor recipients, totaled $5,550.  The Membership Director reported that fourteen new members have been identified.  The last item on the agenda was the selection on the site for the 2020 reunion.  After a discussion, Tucson, Arizona was selected for this reunion.  Bob Hoover said the exact details (Hotel and dates) would be included in the next issue of the Harborsite newsletter.  The Chaplain closed the meeting with a short

prayer.  There was not an election of Battalion officers as the officers serve for a four-year term and officers were duly elected at last year’s reunion in San Antonio.


Alpha Company held its business meeting immediately after the Battalion meeting.  Ray Raymond, Alpha Company President, called the meeting to order.  John Hlavac, Company Chaplain opened the meeting with a short prayer.


Don Schwinn, Company Treasurer reported the Company was in very good financial condition with over $20,000 cash in the bank.  Don also mentioned that the necessary IRS Tax Form for Alpha Company was timely filed with the IRS.  A motion was made to contribute $1,000 to the Battalion to cover most of the cost of the scholarships awarded to students in the hometown of Frank Reasoner. This motion was seconded and approved by the members.  Ray Raymond then proposed that the remaining hats, shirts and other clothing left over from the San Antonio reunion be sold to members and the remaining inventory of such items be donated to the Battalion.  This motion was also approved. 


Next, Jeff Savelkoul, Company Secretary, reported that due to his current health condition, he had to resign his office.  Freddie Murray was nominated to be Jeff’s replacement.  The members voted to approve Jeff’s resignation and Freddie’s appointment.  There being no other business, a motion to end the meeting was approved by the members.  John Hlavac closed the meeting with a short prayer.


The Battalion provided a very nice luncheon to all members at the conference center.  The remainder of the day was spent renewing old friendships with some members heading to some of the many golf courses located the Myrtle Beach area.


On Thursday, a Memorial Service was held at 1000 in the Conference Center with over 200 members in attendance.  The names of the 262 3rd Recon members that were Killed-In Action were read by Company representatives.  After each name was read, the Sgt-At-Arms, Floyd Nagler, rang a bell in their memory. After this Memorial Service the Battalion provided a very nice hot lunch.  The balance of the day was open.


Friday, September 27th was an open day with no meetings on the agenda.  The Hospitality Suite, however, did not open until 1700.  Many members met in small groups in other areas of the hotel or went shopping or back to the golf course.


Saturday, September 28th was mostly an open day as the Battalion Banquet did not begin until 1800, From 1600 until the banquet, company pictures were taken.  The Battalion Banquet began at 1800 and was opened by Bob Hoover.  Bob mentioned that there were over 320 in attendance at the Banquet.  The Association Color Guard posted the Colors while five bagpipers played both the National Anthem and the Marine Corps Hymn.  After the dinner, Bob Hoover presented the “Chesty” award to Chaplain Ron Thompson for his tireless work in helping the families of deceased members over the past several years.  The guest of honor and speaker was Major General James Livingston, a Medal of Honor recipient. General Livingston delivered a powerful talk that was well received by all.  The banquet was closed with a prayer by Chaplain Ron Thompson.  Since departure was the next day, many goodbyes were said, and this event ended another great reunion.