North Vietnamese Army Tanks


24 March 1968

Patrol Recon Patrol Report . Trail evidence was found of 5-6 tracked vehicles that moved N.W. of YD 178534 to YD 178536 and then continued southeast on a ridgeline. It was parallel to a foot trail.Team moved to 179528 team heard high-speed engine that sounded like a tank and heard clanking of tank treads. It sounded though it was attempting to move up the northern slope of hill vicinity YD 175523. Heard distinctive sounds of tracks for 45 minutes.Tanks not observed by recon team.

This area is six kilometers east of Cam Lo and six kilometers south of Route 9 and map shows well used trail winding trough the zone.


08 - 16 March 1969


The Below info on the P76 is from




Crew:  3
Length:  272 in, 300 in gun forwards
Height:  88.7 in
Width:  123.6 in
Weight:  15.4 tons
Engine:  6 cyl in-line diesel
Transmission:  Manual 4 for, 1 rev
Steering:  Clutch and brake
Suspension:  Torsion bar
Smoke System:  Engine Exhaust
Fuel:  66.5 gal, 47 gal aux
NBC System: None

Weapons an Fire Control

Main Gun: 76.2mm D-56T Cannon
Coax:  7.62mm SGMT machine gun
Anti-Air: 12.7mm DShKM machine gun on some
Missile:  None
Ammo Load:  40 x 76.2mm, 1000 x 7.62mm
Muzzle Velocity:
Max Range:  13290 meters in indirect mode
Stabilization:  Only on PT-76B
Turret Power:  Electric/manual
Gun Elevation/Depression:  +30/-4
Autoloader:  None
Night Vision:  None


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