From Our President:


I have had plenty of time to review and sort in my mind our recent reunion in Washington. I would like to share my thoughts with everyone.


First I want to thank George and Fred Murray for their efforts in organizing and this event, it went off without a hitch and was truly one of the most memorable in a while. It was a special pleasure to welcome the Marines and families that attended for their first time. I know they felt the renewal of our Brotherhood that we pledged all those years ago. Lastly I want to thank everyone for their donations above and beyond their registrations to the Association, out of pocket contributions at the reunion, and throughout the years. I wish I could thank every one of you personally but never doubt the gratitude we feel for your generosity.


In going forward, I continue to stress the need to work on greater attendance for our reunions. No need to remind anyone of the members that have passed in the last few years or what the future holds for us in the years we have left. I would encourage, as we always have, to call your teammates and keep up with each other. We need to identify those with special needs that might prevent them from attending our reunion next year in San Diego. Find out what we can do to help or support their attendance. There was a time that seems like only yesterday when the only people we could count on were each other. Let's make sure that we continue to show the same loyalty today as we felt those years ago. 


My final  thoughts are to thank Don Schwinn for the work and arrangements that he has made for next yearŐs reunion. I know he's not finished yet! Our Treasury and the 

planning for next yearŐs reunion couldn't be in better hands!!


Semper Fi Marines!!!

Ray Raymond