“Serving Our Marines Since 1989”


22 October 2018


I was thinking that with the Holidays right around the corner and the busy times of the season, this would be an excellent time to review the year and all the events that have impacted Alpha Recon. There have been many positive achievements and also some emotional events that I'll enumerate below.



1) The final return of the last recovered members of the Striker team lost in 1967 and the beautiful ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. Past President Jeff Savelkoul, one of two remaining survivors of that tragic team loss, led Alpha representation at the burial ceremonies and the Alpha contributed financially to the reception honoring our fallen Brothers. Jeff and George Neville have contributed countless hours assisting JPAC in locating and in some cases hounding the powers that be in their efforts to return our Brothers home. Mission Accomplished Men.. Semper Fidelis exemplified!  


2) We sadly lost the following 8 Brothers since our last reunion in November 2017 in San Diego.


Guy (Tex) Bruce

Ron Hoover 

Johnny Johnson

Tommy Marshall

Steve Milligan

Thomas Murray

Harry Presley

Howard Young


We will never forget them or fail to celebrate their sacrifices all those year ago. God rest their souls!!


3) Alpha Recon rejoined the Battalion for the Reunion in San Antonio in September. I can report that from speaking with mostly all the Alpha attendees and what was the consensus during our meeting, we were received warmly and more than graciously. I can also report to you that I attended the Battalion Executive Board Meeting the first evening not knowing what to expect, I was very appreciative to be warmly welcomed and greeted by all and told how much we had been missed. Most importantly the discussions going forward seem to be in harmony with all the principles that George and the founders envisioned at the Assn's creation.


4) I would also like to recognize Don Schwinn for all the excellent work he does for us as our Treasurer, the last guy meant well but Don is in a class of his own! Don's report will show our excellent financial health.


My last thoughts are about how deeply pleasing it was to see all the interaction our Alpha Marines had with each other and reacquainting with the Battalion Marines in San Antonio. As many any of you may know, I am a native San Antonio though separated by almost 50 years, it was fitting for me emotionally like a sort of fated family reunion because of the location. I can’t help but sense a genuine excitement and reinvigoration going forward. Bob Hoover and the team appear to me to “ get it” and I have been assured that we will always be consulted, our counsel appreciated, and there be a loyalty to the Code that George created and that we should always aspire to “A Brotherhood forged in Vietnam”


Wishing all a safe and happy Holiday Season


Semper Fidelis


Ray Raymond