"Serving Our Marines Since 1989”


“Reunion After Action Report"

Alpha Company, 3rd Recon Battalion Association

September 25 to 30, 2018

San Antonio, Texas



As approved at the Alpha Company  meeting in November 2017 in San Diego, we agreed to hold our 2018 reunion with the 3rd Recon  Battalion in San Antonio, Texas .


The 2018 3rd Recon Battalion Reunion began Tuesday, September 25 at the Drury Hotel in San Antonio Texas. The Drury Hotel is in the former Alamo National Bank building and was tastefully remodeled  into a very nice hotel. Check in was held in the lobby of the Drury Hotel. The Drury Hotel is located on the “River Walk”. Alpha Company had its hospitality suite on the 10th floor.  Ray Raymond made sure that the suite was well stocked with a wide assortment of both beverages’ alcoholic and non.  Alpha Company also had its PX in this suite.  We had a number of items for sale, including hats, golf shirts, hoodies and tee-shirts.  The Battalion had its “Tun’s Tavern” on the hotel’s lower level where it had its PX with a variety of items for sale.  One of the most popular items for sale in the Battalion PX were the “Challenge Coins," one for each of 3rd Recon’s four Medal of Honor recipients.  


One  of the Drury Hotel’s nice features was the complimentary  breakfasts, afternoon drinks and buffet suppers.


On Wednesday, the Battalion had its Opening Ceremonies at 1000.  Bob Hoover, 3rd Recon Association President welcomed everyone to the 2018 reunion.   The Battalion officers were all Re-elected  for  4-year terms.  Each of the officers gave presentations, including the dedication of the Robert Jenkins, Jr. US Post Office in his home town in Florida.  The next issue was the selection of a site for the 2019 reunion.  Myrtle Beach had been selected at the 2017 reunion.  Bob Hoover briefed the membership on several hotels in the Myrtle Beach area.  Bob gave an overview of the two finalist hotels as well as the recommendation of the hotel the selection committee had visited. Bob said that the exact date of the next reunion would be communicated when all the details had been finalized.  The 2019 reunion would most likely  be in the September / October time frame.   The  Battalion meeting was adjourned at approximately 1130.   The balance of the day was open.  The Hotel provided us  with box lunches. 


Many of  the Alpha Company members left to tour the city, visit “Tun’s Tavern” or meet in the Alpha Company hospitality room.


On  Thursday, the Battalion held a Memorial Service.  The Service began with a bagpiper followed by a  welcome by Bill  Stussie.  The 3rd Recon Color Guard then presented the Colors and was followed by an  invocation by the Battalion Chaplin, Ron Thompson The main agenda item was the reading of of the names of the 242 3rd Recon members that were killed in action from 1965 to 1970.  After each name was read, Floyd Nagler rang a bell.  After the memorial service ,  we all went down to the Hotel’s lower level to get on river boats to go about a mile to have lunch at VFW Post 76.   Post 76 is Texas’s oldest  VFW Post.  This Post had a very nice hall right on the river and did an outstanding job in serving the Battalion a Texas Barbecue luncheon.  After the luncheon,  many of the attendees went on a walking tour of San Antonio while many others walked back to the Drury Hotel along the river walk.


Friday, September 28th was an “Open Day” with many attendees touring the city with some attendees going on a “Zip-Line adventure”.  


On Saturday, September 28, most of the Alpha Company attendees met in the Company’s hospitality room to conduct our annual Company meeting.   Ray Raymond called the meeting to order at 0900. John Hlavac opened the meeting with a prayer.  The minutes from the  2017 San Diego reunion were then read and approved. Don Schwinn presented the Company’s financial report which was approved.  The Company’s financial condition is very good order given the size of our organization. The next order of business was reading of the names of our members who have died since our last reunion.  Their names and dates of death are as follows:


                Name                                                      Date of Death


   Guy R. Bruce                                                        12/13/2017

   Ronald E. Hoover Sr.                                             05/15/2018

   Johnny L. Johnson                                                 03/22/2018

   Tommy L. Marshall                                                04/29/2018

   Steve D. Milligan                                                   06/07/2018

   Thomas M. Murray                                                07/28/2018

   Harry L. Presley                                                    12/26/2017

   Howard C. Young                                                  05/07/2018


The Battalion included 3 additional  Alpha Company members in their deceased report.  These members died in earlier years but the Battalion had not included their names In their records. The three were  Joseph Bush-2010; Edward Warmka-2006 and Charles R. Callaway-2014. They were previously listed in Alpha Company's Records.


The next order of business was the election of officers for a one-year term.  At this time, Clarence Powell resigned as Sgt at Arms.  All remaining  officers were re-elected and Mike Scheerer was elected to be the Sgt at Arms.  The members then discussed continuing to have our future reunions with the Battalion.  The members communicated that,  based upon the many positive experiences at this reunion.  All agreed with this decision.   There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made and approved.  John Hlavac closed with a  prayer.


The Battalion held its banquet on Saturday evening, starting at 1800,  with the posting of the Colors. Chaplin Ron Thompson then lead us in a prayer.  After the dinner, Doug Heath welcomed us  to the 2018 Reunion and Bill Stussie acted as the Master of Ceremonies. Master Gunnery Sergeant Chris May, recently retired Recon Marine was the guest speaker. Chris spent over 20 years in the Marine Corps. Three “Chesty” awards were made to  members for their service to the Battalion President, Bob Hoover,  made his closing remarks to the 240 plus attendees at the dinner.  Chaplin Ron Thompson closed the evening event with a  prayer and wished all a safe trip home.  Most attendees then retired to “Tun’s Tavern” for a few drinks and the saying of good-byes.



All The Best,


Tom Vennemeyer V.P.