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United States Marine Corps



Carl J. Wilson

A Company 1967-1969, RVN

Born 1948 Deceased 10 October 2014

Dubuque, IA





I had done 2 tours and seen those things

Memories of past missions and the nightmares they bring

Recon Marine, I was best of the best

But it did not stop me from dying like the rest


Forty-Five years passed since I led Alpha Team

New “OP Order” given that I wish were a dream

Situation was lethal, Mission was grave

I Executed my best, but myself I could not save


Small little foe, that infiltrated its way

Metastasized in my body through night and day

Much has been said about the infamous Agent Orange

Could not be destroyed with chemo, radiation, grenade, or claymore


Let it be known I accepted my fate

From the moment I was told to now the Pearly Gate

I lived my Hell so Heaven I’ve earned

Eternal life with God is now my turn


I’m surrounded by family from days gone past

Infinite love is abound that endures and lasts

Please don’t mourn but smile with glee

Celebrate my life and laugh with me


Ditty bag is packed and my combat gear on

I stand my final LP/OP from Dusk til’ Dawn

Pain free and at peace with my last submission

Valley of death, I am on my Last Mission!



                                                                                                            Carl J. Wilson, Jr. 10/26/2014